Tutorial 8 – Browsing Video

Tutorial 7 – Layout Server

In the previous tutorial we concluded our study on display layouts by using layouts that are stored in the Base.

As mentioned in the Simple Video tutorial, all viewports that contain video will also contain a simple playback control. The built-in playback control allows you to pause live video, rewind or ‘Step back’, fast forward or ‘Step forward’, and jump back to live if paused. In this tutorial, we’ll learn about AxAuga’s browse feature. When enabled, it will give a finer-grain control over video playback.

So first, let’s setup a simple 2×1 display using “vport” and “salvo”. Here’s our Windows Form Shown code:

Now that we have a 2×1 layout, let’s put the AxAuga instance into browse mode, simply:

Once in AxAuga’s browse mode, a more detailed playback UI control will pop up. An overview of the functionalities of browse mode is beyond the scope of this tutorial. Refer to the ‘Ocularis Client User Manual’ from the onssi documentation page under ‘Browsing’ with the assumption that browse mode has been entered. Note that simply entering browse mode will not likely give you all functionalities listed in the above manual.

Once, we’re done with browse mode, we’ll need to exit. For our purposes, let’s exit as the Windows Form is Closing:

Screenshots of the final program:

That’s about it. Now you can enter and exit AxAuga’s browse mode to give your users fine-grained control over playback.

Tutorial 9 – Playback Control