Getting Started

These sets of tutorials are designed for someone who wants to integrate to the Ocularis system using the Ocularis SDK.

Here’s the high level view of a typical Ocularis system:

Ocularis System

Ocularis System

Key components of the Ocularis system:

  • Ocularis Base
    • Server software application which regulates and manages the flow of data between video client users, recording servers, video wall management, event management and alerting.
    • Base for short.
  • Ocularis Recording Component
    • Camera management and recording software. Each feature set of Ocularis contains a corresponding recording component application.
    • Recorder/NVR for short.
  • Ocularis Administrator
    • The front end software application used to configure and manage Ocularis Base.
  • Ocularis Client
    • Video client application used to view and monitor surveillance video.

The main component that the SDK will deal with is the Base. Information about the entire system is stored there (cameras, privileges, recorders, users, video wall, etc…), it also handles event routing.

If you want to learn how to display Ocularis video, check out: Video Integration

If you want to learn how to send/receive events to/from Ocularis, check out: Event Integration