Setting up Ocularis Mobile for Location Reporting

Ocularis 5 Mobile for android is almost ready for general release, and one of the things we’ve added is the ability to let the app report the location of the device when the user is streaming video from the device to the recorder. To enable this, you’ll need to add a line to the settings.ini file (we’ll make a nice GUI later 🙂 )

The location reporting will open a user-defined URL, and append the location of the device to the URL given. For example, given http://host/loc.aspx? the device will periodically request the given with a querystring appended containing the values needed. like so

The session value is unique to each session, meaning that if a user starts a stream, then stops it, that counts as one session. All location updates within that session will have the same session ID. If the user starts a new recording, a new GUID will be generated and used until that recording then ends.

The id is the device ID, in the current version it is the IMEI of the device, and naturally gps_lat and gps_long is the position of the device.

To enable this feature, you have to add the host information to the settings.ini file, so if the service is at the URL in the example above, you would create this line

Upon request, we can provide some examples of a location service that ties into the Windows version of the Ocularis Client that will show the location of the device on a map, and as an overlay text on the video stream.