Welcome to the New OnSSI SDK Page

We’re changing the format of the SDK support page a bit. Instead of the older Wiki format, that was more of a reference, we are going to offer a tutorial based approach. The old Wiki is still alive at http://sdkwiki.onssi.com. We will update this page quite frequently over the next 12 months (2016), so be sure to check back often. You’ll find pages that are not complete, and pages may disappear from time to time, but that just adds to the excitement.

The most common integration is getting video into your own application. A very common approach is to offer a COM object that you can instantiate in your Windows based app. The object then handles mouse movements, decoding of the video, and displaying it on the screen. This method works fine in many cases, but there are areas where it doesn’t. If you want direct access to the video (the RAW coded video for example), you may be out of luck, and what if you want to do something on OSX, or in a web page?

To provide support for a wide range of scenarios, Ocularis offers a few ways for you to interact with us.

Another typical scenario is that you want to notify Ocularis of events that happen in your system, so that Ocularis may react to those events – perhaps by moving a camera to a PTZ preset.


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